The most frequent question I get from webcam models on Streamate is how they could become better performers, how they could earn more money. As my duty is to be in contact with the European models, I talk to those on a daily basis, too, who have the highest income.   Here, I list […]

Why is it important to be different from the others?

  The title above sounds like a cliché, but with the advancement of information technology, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to stand out from the crowd. Imagine that you are in a bar, looking at the men or women there. Who will catch your eye first? Somebody who is dressed best but […]

How To Evolve And Become A Successful Model

The first question that every girl in this business would like to hear the answer to is: how to become a successful online model. Well, I can tell you for sure that it will not be easy to become successful, without putting a consistent effort to improve every aspect of yourself. When I first started, […]


I would first suggest to take some time before going online and check  yourself  in front of the camera, just to make sure that you are dressed as best as possible. When you’re starting your session, always make sure you have a variety of clothes so that each time the members will be surprised by […]

How To Make Sure You Do A Great Performance?

Being a cam girl can be such a great and fun journey. However, just like any other job, making sure you’re performing at your best is crucial. Every model who first starts off doing cam sessions should always make sure they give the best performance in front of the camera. After all if you’re not […]

Streamate news

Winter holidays come with bonuses and a big contest. If you will be online during the Christmas holidays, what ever you earn in between 17th to 23rd of December, you will get an extra of 30% from us. From 24th to 26th we have the contest where the grand prize will be 5000$ . But […]