I would first suggest to take some time before going online and check  yourself  in front of the camera, just to make sure that you are dressed as best as possible.

When you’re starting your session, always make sure you have a variety of clothes so that each time the members will be surprised by your new look.

For example, in one day you can chose to be an elegant woman, by wearing long gowns with beautiful accessories that would make you feel like a Hollywood celebrity. Whenever you feel that users are getting bored, I would suggest making a fashion show, by changing your clothes more often and transform the entire online experience in a spectacular vogue event.


What you need to remember is that even if you choose to wear a basic outfit, like a home pajama, you always need to make sure that it looks hot and eye-catching for the members.

Getting too outrageously dressed is not always the best idea. And I will exemplify this by telling you how I still vividly remember when once I adopted an unusual outfit: I was wearing a bra without cups, had scotch tape on my breasts, plus a garter belt and stockings to match. I was different than how I usually looked and the vast majority of users simply avoid joining my private session.

Be prepared to expect the unexpected, because simple ideas can help you succeed in unpredictable ways.

And I will illustrate this when I took my fluffy bath robe and fully covered myself in a way that my skin would almost not be visible. Can you guess what happened next? All the users in my room were instantly amused and in the next second, a couple of them joined me in private.

You’re now probably getting the picture that how you dress has a major impact that will be reflected on camera.

Feeling confident in your looks is a highly erotic aphrodisiac. If you feel good about yourself, it will easily turn on the members and make them addicted to come back for more.

Always remember to keep your audience entertained and I guarantee that you will be successful as a webcam model.