Why is it important to be different from the others?


The title above sounds like a cliché, but with the advancement of information technology, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to stand out from the crowd.

Imagine that you are in a bar, looking at the men or women there. Who will catch your eye first? Somebody who is dressed best but very much like all the others? Or somebody who is elegant, taut and trim, and has a magnetic personality that you can sense even from a distance? Obviously the latter.


Now imagine the same with the clients on a page like Streamate, where tens of millions look at the profile pictures daily, and the client can see up to 15 pictures at the same time, or look at your stamp-sized photo from half a meter on their phone.

Let’s take it step by step: the first and most important is to raise the client’s attention with your picture. If you can manage this, it’s half a victory. Some basic advice here:

After having uploaded your profile picture, check it on your phone and not your computer, as the majority of clients also uses their mobiles.

So, consider what you can see from your photo on a phone, and if you are not satisfied with the result, take another picture and upload it again.


In small-sized pictures, everything looks smaller, so make sure not to place objects or captions in the centre of the picture, as most probably, the majority of clients will not see these.

As opposed to other platforms, Streamate provides you with more freedom concerning your profile picture: you can tastefully add texts, or modify the tone of the colours to some extent to make you stand out even more.

You are not required to show your face in the picture, but obviously, this is what most clients would like to see. And of course, the rest of your body. This is where it gets tough. You should be creative and find an angle that lets you make the best impression.


The client clicked on your profile picture? Here comes the hard part. One user spends no more than 3 seconds in your chat room on average. This is how long it takes for them to decide whether they like what they see or not. How can you show everything in 3 seconds? Some tips:

It is no coincidence that we do not recommend photoshopping the profile picture. If the difference between your picture and the camera’s is too big, the client will not even spend 1 second in your room. Find the right balance between what looks good in a picture and what you can pull off in a live video.



If, for example, you are just looking up from your phone when the client joins, that will take up all the 3 seconds. This is why it is important to always be active, and rather spend less time online in the beginning, but be focused throughout.

Some clients have been around at Streamate longer than you, and they know exactly whether someone is streaming from home or from a studio. Wherever you are working from, make sure to have something unique in your room and your appearance. You can reach the best results if this uniqueness matches your personality. If, for example, you throw some clothes on the bed, it will not necessarily look untidy, but it might arouse the imagination of the client.


A beautiful face might catch the client’s attention for a couple of moments, but will they come back to you every night just for that? You can significantly increase your chances if you communicate with the client, either via chat, or, more importantly, orally. You don’t know what the client would like to see? It is so much easier to find out if you ask them!  Would you like if everyone entering the room instantly felt the good vibes? This, too, is much easier to achieve via communication. For a start, choose a topic you are interested in, and just start talking about it in the chat room. The others, seeing your passion, will join you.

After getting to know what methods work best for you in keeping the attention of the clients, you can already start thinking about what to change. Whatever was interesting in the first 10 minutes can become boring later on. This is why you have to constantly change your performance. Of course, you can use outside help for this, like using a fortune wheel or a similar tool, something that helps you choose the next part of your performance.


But enough of the theory, try yourself out in practice! Experiment with the tips above, keep whatever works and lose what doesn’t. Keep changing!

If you are stuck, do not hesitate to contact our account manager at catalina@streamate.com!