How To Make Sure You Do A Great Performance?

Being a cam girl can be such a great and fun journey. However, just like any other job, making sure you’re performing at your best is crucial. Every model who first starts off doing cam sessions should always make sure they give the best performance in front of the camera. After all if you’re not giving it your best, why should any viewer want to come back?


One of the easiest and most effective ways to help you ensure your performance will be great is to START RECORDING YOUR ONLINE SESSIONS – this is the best way to check yourself and see how your members perceive you.


As you begin your working day hit the recording button. After you finished your shift, check your recordings. Now be honest with yourself, because there is a high chance that your performance can be dramatically improved. Do this throughout the day, by changing your routine as you go along. Continue to record your online sessions and watch periodically what details require new changes. This practice should help to improve the parts that you are not doing great and lead you to become an excellent performer.


If you are a part of a studio or cam group, discuss with the managers and even the other models what input they have about your current shows. Sometimes you’ll receive constructive criticism, which can be difficult to hear at times, but try to learn from their advice, because that’s what is going to help you in the long run. Share ideas whenever you can with other models. Some of the the girls may know something about the niche you are trying to adopt, that you never thought of. It never hurts to learn the hidden secrets that other performers are using.


Another way to improve what you do is to discuss with your members how they perceive you. What do they like about you that other models don’t have? What would they like to see you do more often? Getting input from your viewers can be highly valuable, because you want to always make things fun for them. So make it a game and offer a reward if they play along. Receiving constructive feedback from your customers will offer you a better way to improve your personal brand.